Författar-arkiv: Anna Engman

Reflexbanelöpning Bäcklösa

Come and try night trail running with us - a different and adventurous form of running in the dark! We will follow a reflective path in the woods with small reflectors that has been set on trees. You don't notice them in daylight, but in the light from the headlamps they lit up! Läs mer»

Trail biking in Sunnersta

Join UppX for a trail biking on saturday 23rd October! We meets at Sunnerstastugan at 13.00 and take a round along MTB-trails in Sunnersta. Everyone is welcome. Läs mer»


Come join UppX at Wermlandskällar'n! Läs mer»

Hill intervalls to Uppsala castle

Wednesday, 13th of October it´s time again to run some uphill intervals and since it´s more fun we will do it together. Of course we will do it in a way that suits all level of runners and everyone are welcome to join. So bring your running shoes and join us! Läs mer»

Downhill practice in Sunnersta

Monday 27/9 we will meet up for a downhill practice at Sunnersta! We’ll be at the berms ontop of the ski slope to prepare for the Järvsö adventure later this week! Läs mer»